Integrated Device for Self-Collecting and Automated Pre-Processing of Biological Fluids for Multiple Analyses

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This invention is an integrated device where blood is collected from a skin prick and automatically transferred to prepared tubes containing reagent. The sample tubes come prepared with a specific reagent so pre-processing begins immediately and continues during transportation to the laboratory. The device incorporates several steps of biological fluid collection and storage into a single, compact device that can be operated by a healthcare professional or layman.


In the aftermath of a large scale nuclear event like a weapon or power plant incident in a densely populated area, a large number of people will seek radiation treatment. A blood test gives the best information about exposure and is critical for proper administration of treatment. However, the advanced tests that detect exposure are only located at certain laboratories around the country. The device presented here increases the speed at which a blood sample can be obtained, eliminates the need for a trained clinician and will significantly reduce sample analysis time by pre-processing the samples during shipment. An efficient, quick and streamlined process will promote the successful treatment of a large number of people suffering from radiation exposure after a nuclear event.


  • Aftermath of a domestic or international nuclear incident
  • Developing countries where many people require blood tests but trained clinicians are scarce
  • At home blood testing kits
  • Any application in blood sampling where this device might cut costs
  • Any industry where people are exposed to radiation



  • Compact and easy to use
  • Allows blood samples to be obtained without a trained clinician
  • Blood can be collected and transferred to storage tube in one step
  • Reduces sample processing time by days
  • Designed for use at point of contact
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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
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Frederic Zenhausern
Jian Gu
Alan Nordquist