Joint QKD-Post-Quantum Cryptosystems

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This technology is a joint quantum key distribution (QKD)-post-quantum cryptosystem. The QKD is used for raw-key transmission and post-quantum crypto-system to transmit parity bits for information reconciliation. The technology can be further advanced by encoding either Slepian states-based encoding or OAM encoding. This would help overcome the low-spectral efficiency of time-phase-encoding but the complexity of the QKD hybrid system would increase. The proposed system is able to achieve a record transmission distance of 1127 km.

The need for secure communications has become essential because of the rising threat and impact of data breaches. The adoption of quantum key distribution over traditional public/private key security has improved the security of communications. However, there are still a handful of constraints of QKD. Some of these include cost, distance limitations and still under development. By implementing a system similar to this invention, the limitation of distance can be reduced and further increase the feasibility of QKD systems.


  • Raw-key transmission
  • Error reconciliation


  • Overcome rate-distance-limit of QKD protocols
  • Greater transmission distances
  • Addresses the problem of channel loss
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Ivan Djordjevic