Lemur Face Recognition Software

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This invention is a mobile app to identify lemurs through facial recognition as an effective census tool.


Current methods of determining the life history and population of animals usually involves live capture of animals and tagging for future mark-recapture studies. Lemurs have particularly distinctive faces and color patterns, making them an ideal species to track individuals as they enter and leave a population. Because it is estimated that wild lemurs could be wiped out within the next 25 years, there is a need for better research tools to help conserve not only their species, but many other species as well.



  • Animal conservation
  • Pet industry
  • Recovery of lost pets
  • Livestock management



  • Non-invasive
  • Portable via smartphone
  • Ease and speed of use
  • Reduces resources involved in observation
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Jay Martin
Licensing Associate, Software and Copyright
The University of Arizona
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Stacey Tecot