Lipid Biomarkers for Cancer Screening and Monitoring

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This invention relates to mechanisms and biomarkers for early detection of potentially aggressive cancers. These biomarkers are useful in determining the aggressiveness and drug resistance of existing cancers. 



There is a need for a better, more convenient way to detect cancers to help reduce unnecessary biopsies and negative treatment side effects.



  • Early detection of potentially aggressive cancers
  • Identification of cancer aggressiveness and drug resistance
  • Monitoring disease progress and drug resistance once disease has been diagnosed


  • Ability to identify cancer in people prior to exhibiting symptoms
  • Determine the mechanism of action driving a disease
  • Predict future health outcomes
  • An ideal screening test will reduce the risk of death from cancer and lead to a longer overall life
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Floyd Chilton
Ashley Snider
Justin Snider