Measuring Edema and Body Composition in Heart Failure Using NMR-MRI

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This invention is a method of utilizing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMR-MRI) technology to assess and diagnose patients with heart dysfunction, heart failure (HF) and those at risk of developing heart dysfunction. It assesses a panel of biomarkers including edema and body composition that will then allow physicians to recommend personalized treatments in order to slow the progression of heart failure. Furthermore, this technology can also be utilized to track the success of treatment for a particular patient over time to determine if the medications being utilized are effectively slowing the progression of heart failure.


Patients with heart failure (HF) are often all treated with the same medications, based on large randomized clinical trials. These trials homogenize individual differences, although it is widely known that HF has many causes and patients show differences in their biomarker profiles. Current treatment solutions recommend therapeutics against angiotensin, aldosterone, or neprilysin, without proper assessment of these biomarkers. There remains a need for an individualized treatment of heart failure capable of identifying specific biomarkers, recommending personalized treatment, and following the success of these treatments on an individual level. This solution addresses the industry need as earlier diagnoses and classification of disease profiles allows physicians to conduct individualized targeted treatment.


  • Diagnosis/assessment of heart failure, heart dysfunction, COPD, and COVID-19
  • Prognosis and monitoring



  • Non-physician dependent quantitative assessment of sodium and water overload
  • Access edema in lungs and other locations
  • Personalized therapy to prolong life
  • Treat sarcopenia/cachexia associated with HF
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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
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Guy Reed
Inna Gladysheva
Ryan Sullivan
Radhika Mehta