Method and Apparatus for Snapshot 3D Imaging of Mechanical Structure at Resonance Frequency

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This invention is a method and apparatus that can measure the mechanical resonance and mode shape of a mechanical structure. The apparatus can provide important information regarding the structure of an object under different loading and operating conditions. This can help designers and engineers to create a robust mechanical design, to verify the results from their frequency analysis with the final design of the structure, and to monitor change during different operating conditions.

Resonance is a property that is found on all mechanical structures. Resonance can be described as the sensitivity of a mechanical system to a specific vibration frequency (Vogel). Excessive vibrations can cause a mechanical structure to suffer of poor reliability, premature failure, and increased cost of maintenance and parts.

The importance of ensuring and knowing the resonance frequency is high as by knowing at what frequencies a mechanical structure starts to oscillate at its maximum amplitude can ensure that the structure’s functionality, performance, and lifecycle (Blatter). The invention aims to measure the mechanical resonance and mode shapes of a mechanical structure to prevent any possible issues in the structure.


  • Imaging of mechanical structures
  • Design validation from analysis
  • Process monitoring in a manufacturing environment


  • Can be used in a manufacturing environment
  • Gives direct feedback of a mechanical structure under different loading and operating conditions
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Richard Weite
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The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau