Method and Apparatus for Splitting and Combining Light and Particle Beam using Moving Mirror

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This innovation describes display instrument, interferometer and multi-spectral and polarization camera designs that utilize a beam splitter in a division of time configuration. This invention also includes a novel beam splitter device that splits an incoming light beam into multiple beams and different directions. The beam splitter device also operates as a beam combiner and optical interconnect. The key attribute here is that the device can be used for high-energy electromagnetic applications, such as X-ray, gamma ray, particle beam, and other hyperspectral applications, with very low loss.

A beam splitter is an optical device that splits a beam into multiple beams and is an essential component of many optical instruments. Conventional beam splitter operates either by the principle of division of amplitude or division of wave front. This invention describes a novel type of beam splitter that operates by the principle of division of time. Such a device has a unique advantage because the incoming beam is split by reflection only, instead of by transmission and reflection. Thus, the invention can be applied not only to visible light, but also to x-ray, gamma ray and particles, where transmission loss can be large. 


  • High-energy electromagnetic applications
    • X-ray
    • Gamma ray
    • Particle beam
  • Hyperspectral applications


  • Minimize transmission loss
  • Applicable to many types of light
  • Simpler than similar technologies
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau