Micropolarizer Array in Flexible Endoscopy

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This technology consists of placing a micro-polarizing array at the end of a coherent imaging forming fiber bundle. This technology utilizes the division of focal plane (DoFP) technology to capture the polarization state of light through its micro-polarizing array. This invention allows for the measurement of spatially resolved polarimetric information of light-tissue interactions with a flexible endoscope. Current flexible endoscopes scramble polarization information whereas the MPA technology will capture the polarization state prior to entering the imaging fiber bundle.

The division of focal plane (DoFP) technology with a micro-polarizing array (MPA) has found its way into various commercial markets such as industrial inspection, atmospheric monitoring, and navigation; however, this technology has not yet been integrated into endoscopes. When looking at these other industries, this technology has proven to yield snapshot polarization imaging of scenes with higher contrast, significant glare reduction, material properties, and pollutant concentrations. This first of its kind invention has the potential to enable the ability to perform polarimetric measurements in flexible endoscopes enhancing their typical functions.


  • Perform polarimetric measurements in flexible or rigid endoscopes
  • Can augment functions of endoscopes including screening, diagnostics, tissue removal, monitoring of tissue fusion, surgical navigation, margin definitions, and biopsy collection


  • Can be used for flexible or rigid endoscopes
  • Improved image quality
  • Potential to augment typical flexible endoscope functions
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Natzem Lima
Travis Sawyer