Noninvasive Real-Time Patient-Specific Assessment of Stroke Severity

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This technology is a sensor and software that incorporates patient-specific information and machine learning algorithms to produce a highly biofidelic predictor for tissue infarction after a stroke or transient ischemic attack.



Current technology for post stroke and transient ischemic attack is invasive and exposes patients to a high amount of radiation and lack accuracy. The proposed technology focuses on a system that produces an accurate assessment of a patient’s brain tissue post stroke. The system incorporates CTA images to provide real-time estimates stroke severity and cerebral blood flow.



  • Medical device in hospitals to assess patient’s stroke or transient ischemic attack severity



  • High-resolution
  • Efficient
  • Low cost
  • Accurate
  • Noninvasive
  • Real-time cerebral blood flow
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Jace Langen
Licensing Manager
The University of Arizona
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Kaveh Laksari
Hessam Babaee