Novel Polymers for Mid-and Long-Wave Infrared Imaging

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This invention is an approach to creating specific materials that are transparent to Long Wave Infrared. The proposed materials may be used as a matrix for incorporating IR transparent nanoparticles to form infrared transparent CHIP nanoparticle material. This new process allows for the creation of new copolymers with improved thermomechanical properties and enhanced optical properties.


Inorganic materials currently used for infrared imaging systems are very expensive and difficult to process, making the IR imaging systems too expensive for deployment in everyday automobiles. There is a need for inexpensive materials and a technological push to expand the materials capacity from the mid-IR to the longwave –IR. The challenge therefore lies in creation of less costly, next generation IR thermal imaging systems is the creation of less expensive transmissive materials required for lenses and windows.



  • Infrared thermal imaging system
  • Materials transparent for short wave, mid wave, and long wave infrared
  • Imaging systems for automobile industry 
  • Optics



  • Cost effective materials
  • Eliminates toxicity and difficulties in processing of current materials used such as Germanium
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
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Dong-Chul Pyun
Robert Norwood
Richard Glass