Phase Unwrapping by Neural Network

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This document in-part describes systems and methods that can be used to facilitate reliable and accurate phase unwrapping. The techniques that can be implemented to obtain unwrapped phase using segmentation approaches. The techniques are also robust against noises in the input data, thereby providing fast and reliable unwrapped phase results.


Phase unwrapping is an important step in interferometry to remove the ambiguity in the interferograms to obtain the correct phase. Fringe projection techniques are a commonly used three-dimensional (3D) measurement method for non-specular surfaces, by projecting a series of fringes on the object surfaces.  Phase can be obtained from a series of deformed fringes. Phase unwrapping is needed to process  the wrapped phase in order to reconstruct object surface. Conventional phase unwrapping approaches are time-consuming and noise sensitive.



  • Fast and reliable
  • Much less sensitive to noise


  • Wavefront sensing
  • Optical metrology
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Kennedy Nyairo
Sr. Licensing Manager, Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Rongguang Liang
Junchao Zhang
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