Plagiarism Workshop for Law Students

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This innovation is an online plagiarism workshop consisting of eight self-paced modules. Topics covered include what plagiarism is and why it is wrong, why people plagiarize, how to properly quote, paraphrase, and cite the work of others, cultural perspectives on plagiarism, consequences of plagiarism, and components of plagiarism specific to law.

Each module contains written, audio, and video materials for learning, and most modules contain a short quiz to assess gained knowledge. A post-test will be taken after completing all eight modules, and a certificate will be awarded upon completion.

There is currently no systematic or uniform method for law schools to teach plagiarism. While legal educators can agree that plagiarism is wrong, law schools tend to assume that students come to law school knowing about plagiarism. While some students may understand the basics of plagiarism, they may not know about issues pertaining to plagiarism unique to law school and the practice of law. This workshop was developed as a solution to address knowledge gaps about plagiarism in law school.


  • Plagiarism education
  • Teaches how plagiarism is handled in law school and the practice of law
  • Teaches proper methods to quote, paraphrase, and cite source material


  • Systematic method to teach about plagiarism
  • Considers plagiarism issues specific to law school
  • Teaches how plagiarism in law school differs from undergraduate
  • Customizable to different universities or institutions
  • Addresses cultural perspectives on plagiarism
  • Addresses consequences of plagiarism both in law school and the legal profession in general
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
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Diana Simon