Probabilistically Coded Modulation Formats for 5G Mobile Fronthaul Networks

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The invention proposes a three-level probabilistically coded pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-3), and a five-point quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM-5) schemes in hybrid mobile fronthaul (MFH) networks that support both direct and coherent detection.

The emergence of the next generation of cellular networks (5G) can support disruptive applications and services. These include smart city infrastructure, autonomous driving, and augmented/virtual reality. The deployment of the technology requires for up to 1,000 times higher traffic rates, lower-end-to-end latencies, higher reliability, and up to 100 times more connections.

The performance indicators above require of innovative solutions from various technology areas to reach those requirements. The technology to license is a new amplitude and a five-point quadrature modulation schemes that demonstrated in a network coverage as large as 62.5km with the flexibility of power and bandwidth allocation in a hybrid MFH setting.


  • 5G cellular networks
  • Autonomous driving
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Augmented/Virtual reality


  • Increased network coverage
  • Improvement on FEC coding performance in CD RRHs without significant impairment in DD RRHs
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Mingwei Yang
Houman Rastegarfar
Ivan Djordjevic