Quantum Computing Architecture based on Large Scale Multidimensional Continuous-Variable Cluster States in a Scalable Photonic Platform

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This technology is a one-way quantum computing architecture that is based on programmable large-scale continuous variables states. The technology is based on two distinct fields: Kerr microcombs and continuous-variable quantum information. This architecture is able to accommodate hundreds of simultaneously addressable entangled optical modes multiplexed in the frequency domain and an infinite number of sequentially addressable entangled optical modes in time domain.

Quantum computing has been thought of as a disruptive technology believed to be capable of addressing classically unsolvable problems. However, there are several current issues with the technology limiting its potential. These include scalability of the platform, the connectivity of qubits, and the required fidelity of various components. One-way quantum computing is a promising approach that can address these obstacles.


  • Silicon photonics


  • Scalability
  • Mass producible 
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Zheshen Zhang
Bo-Han Wu
Rafael Alexander
Shuai Liu