Rotating Hydroponic Tower

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This technology is a hydroponic system that consists of multiple rotating plant-growing towers mounted around an inner grow light. By rotating the towers, plants can be exposed to the inner grow light at a specific RPM, which enables even lighting in the least amount of space possible. Custom 3D printed plastic fittings allow the columns to spin while the PVC paths are stationary.

A hydroponic system is a type of food production system that allows for the cultivation of plants in nutrient-rich water without the use of soil.  These systems often exhibit water savings of 90% compared to land-based agriculture. Rotating hydroponic towers about an internal grow light allow for tremendous space savings and also maximum light use efficiency thus maximizing plant growth in a limited space. The towers rotate slowly, allowing even exposure to light and nutrients. This method of farming is particularly beneficial for indoor growing, particularly in urban areas with limited land use or regions of low light, which includes the potential for use in space life support. The towers make it easier to manage the system, as they can be rotated for easy access during harvesting. This system offers a sustainable and space-saving way of producing fresh produce anywhere in the world and beyond.


  • Aquaponic/hydroponic farming 
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor growing
  • Potential use for space life support


  • Eco-friendly
  • Space-saving configuration
  • Increased yields
  • Maximizes resource efficiency
  • System can be configured with aquaponics
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Matthew Recsetar
Annissa Lopez
Ashley Duncan
Diego Salido
Kayla Bansback
Michael Mason