Variable Solvent Polarity Chromatography

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In this invention, an external stimulus is applied to the stationary phase of liquid chromatography to alter the polarity of the solvent during a separation process. This capability enables improved separations with more efficient use of mobile phase. The chromatographic separation method can be designed with flexible equipment and machine learning.   



Chromatography is a well-established process and is widely used for laboratory chemical separation; however, it is problematic for large scale use. Enhancements in separation efficiency will be useful to many areas of research and industry including:

  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients
  • Fine chemicals
  • Environmental separations
  • Life sciences
  • Separations of complex mixtures



  • Compound purification and/or chemical separations



  • Improved performance in chromatography separations
  • Increased resolution
  • More efficient use of mobile phase
  • Less waste
  • Can enable commercial scale separations
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Laura Silva
Sr. Licensing Manager, COS
The University of Arizona
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Hamish Christie