Wide Area Spectralelectrochemical Measurement of Thin Film Semiconductors for Electronic Band Structure Analysis

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This invention is a rapid, nondestructive detection method for properties of semiconductor stacks (including perovskite stacks for use in photovoltaics) which can be used at speeds and scales relevant for manufacturing to check product quality. This invention could reduce/remove barriers for manufacturing scale-up and production of high quality robust next generation photovoltaics.

The physical properties and chemical characteristics of perovskite thin films and their contact interfaces are complex and defects arising in these materials may be stochastic. Very sophisticated measurement and analysis techniques to determine the quality of these materials and composites may not be suitable or practical for manufacturability. Therefore, there is a need for effective measurement techniques which can support scaled-up manufacturing. A new technology presented here is a spectro-electrochemical measurement of energy levels. This measurement technique can be applied for a wide area and at speeds relevant for manufacturing and results in determining characteristic of multilayer stacks, including the portions of material "buried" in the stack, such as interfaces. This technique is a broad concept that may be suitable for application to other multi-layer semiconductor stacks comprising many semiconductor layers.


  • Photovoltaic manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Aerospace and defense


  • Scalable to manufacturing 
  • Precise measurement capability
  • Enables industrial scale manufacturing
  • Added quality control
  • Added quality assurance 
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
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Erin Ratcliff
Michel De Keersmaecker
Neal Armstrong