Wireless Battery Free Long Range Wearable Recording Platform for Digital Acquisition of Chronic Biological Signals

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This invention is a stretchable and intimately coupled battery-free system for infinite chronic recording of bio-signals at a distance, which will enable a steady stream of clinical grade information for use in digital medicine.



Remote monitoring using smart biosensors can decrease patients’ referral to health centers up to 30%. This saves time and money for the patient and health centers. Current wearable biosensors require batteries that need to be frequently re-charged for use. The need for wearable biosensors to be re-charged inhibits their applications and prevents them from being used to collect patient health data continuously and over a long period of time. Using energy harvesting through stretchable electronics allows patient data to be continuously collected over a long period of time without having to re-charge.



  • Digital medicine
  • Human machine interface
  • Gaming systems
  • Simulation technologies



  • Battery-free
  • Long range data collection
  • Stretchable biosensors
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
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Jace Langen
Licensing Manager
The University of Arizona
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Philipp Gutruf