Wireless Battery Free Long Range Wearable Recording Platform for Digital Acquisition of Chronic Biological Signals

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This invention developed is a stretchable and intimately coupled system for infinite chronic recording of bio-signals at a distance, enabling steady streams of clinical grade information over months for use in digital medicine.



Remote monitoring using smart biosensors can decrease patients’ referral to health centers up to 30%. This saves time and money for the patient and health centers. Current wearable biosensors require frequently manual recharge and need to be removed for some daily activities resulting in increasingly low user compliance and on average only 5 months of device usage before rejection. This device technology offers continuously collected data without the need for user interactions for uninterrupted clinical grade data streams for months. 



  • Digital medicine
  • Human machine interface
  • Human performance
  • Simulation technologies



  • Wireless recharge at distance (0.5-1.5m)
  • Clinical grade biosensors 
  • Bluetooth data transmission
  • Uninterrupted wearability (no adhesive)
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Jace Langen
Licensing Manager
The University of Arizona
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Philipp Gutruf