“Digital Reflexes”: Quantitation and Signatures of Superficial Reflexes via Stretchable Electronic Wearable Sensors

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This invention provides a method of deep tendon reflex assessment via stretchable electronic sensors containing tri-axial accelerometers and EMG signal detection, which allows for quantitation of motion and EMG "signatures" of a specified reflex.


A reflex exam is fundamental in determining neurological issues with upper and lower motor neurons. Traditionally, a standard reflex hammer technique is used to test muscle contraction on a 0-5 scale. This technique is subjectively scored, leading to many inconsistencies. Because of this, there is a need for an innovative alternative to increase performance and reliability.



  • Superficial reflex analysis
  • Neurological diagnostics
  • Assessment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease


  • Diverse in application
  • Capable of wireless data storage
  • Ease of access for future analysis

Status: issued U.S. patent #11,896,437

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Rakhi Gibbons
Director of Licensing & IP
The University of Arizona
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Marvin Slepian
Bruce Coull
Hailey Swanson
Rebecca Slepian