A System to Record, Model, Generate and Visualize an Individual Human’s Self-Awareness

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This technology is a system that can record, model, generate, and visualize an individual human’s self-awareness/sensation/feeling towards one’s own body, time/date, and different social environments. The ability to collect one’s self-awareness and other information can be used to achieve digital immortality.


Dr. Changxu Wu is interested in integrating cognitive science and engineering system design. Through his recent works he has been focusing on modeling human cognition systems with different applications. Dr. Wu has shown his skill and interest through this proposed technology that works with modeling human cognition.


Currently, there are not many competitors in the market nor is there much movement within the field. Since this technology is not as prevalent in the market the field and related sections of the technology do not discuss the issues that are faced within the field. Within the industry there is a focus on developing hologram technology, but there is no discussion around incorporating the technology to offer digital immortality. The proposed technology represents the forefront of the industry and a great opportunity.



  • Used to give someone digital immortality
  • Incorporated with a smartphone or 3D holographic platform


  • Records one’s thoughts and emotions
  • Model one’s thoughts and emotions
  • Generates thoughts and emotions
  • Visually show one’s thought and emotions
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Changxu Wu