Apparatus for Adjustable Spectral Resolution, Self-Calibration, and Self-Stabilization of Smartphone Spectrometer

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This technology allows for the ability to adjust spectral resolution and spectral range of a smartphone spectrometer through the use of a rotating grating wheel. It enables self-calibration and self-stabilization by coupling a source into the designed optical system.  Sources are the built-in smartphone flash, other sources built into the smartphone, or another source included in the optical system design.

Spectroscopy is a scientific measurement technique to study matter through its interaction with different components of the electromagnetic spectrum or through interactions with radiative energy as a function of its frequency or wavelength. Various spectroscopy techniques can be used in virtually every domain of scientific research, ranging from biomedical sciences to space exploration endeavors.

Many spectroscopy devices are large, costly, and cannot be conveniently transported. Further, many current devices are difficult to use. Therefore, this smartphone-based spectroscopy technology offers several advantages over traditional spectroscopy devices. The add-on apparatus to the smartphone can have widespread uses in clinical and field settings, allowing medical doctors, consumers, or scientists to purchase the add-on for a low-cost, while the smartphone platform provides simple ease of use. The small size of the smartphone allows for portability and the improvement features of the apparatus allows the user to adjust the spectral range and resolution and self-calibrate and stabilize the device.


  • Clinical and field use spectroscopy device
  • Analytical and diagnostic uses


  • Versatile uses in field and clinical settings
  • Small size for convenience and portability
  • User ability to self-calibrate and self-stabilize
  • Adjustable spectral range and spectral resolution
  • No extra hardware or equipment required
  • Cost-effective smartphone add-on
  • Simple ease of use on a smartphone platform
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
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Travis Sawyer
Justina Bonaventura
Thomas Graham Knapp
Richard Koshel