Apparatus to Measure Direction, Intensity and Polarization of Electromagnetic Wave

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This technology is a sensor that measures direction, intensity, and polarization of an electromagnetic wave, enabling precise tracking of the position and orientation of a moving or stationary object.

The global demand for sensors is worth well over $100 billion. Technological advancements in various industries and the demand for increased automation correspondingly demand innovation in sensors.

Contact-free sensors that can measure or track the position of an object with high precision has numerous applications. In the manufacturing industry, these sensors are used for high precision assembly and autonomous robots. Laser and radio sensors are used in the defense industry for tracking of targets. And positional tracking sensors are used increasingly frequently in smartphone and Internet of Things devices. Single or array of sensors can be deployed to detect signals coming from different directions over 4p steradians.


  • Solar tracking
  • Laser tracking and measurement over long distance indoor and outdoor
  • Radio wave tracking (e.g., Wi-Fi and cell phone signal)
  • Precision tracking of position and orientation of a moving and rotating object
  • Sensors for autonomous vehicle and drone


  • All-in-one (simultaneously measures direction, intensity and polarization)
  • Can replace gyroscope and accelerometer in some applications
  • High precision
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Kennedy Nyairo
Sr. Licensing Manager, Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau