Biosymbiotic Device for Wearable, Long-Range Transmission of High-Fidelity Biosignals

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This technology improves on the ability to transmit long-range data from a biosymbiotic device. This includes an on-body antenna structure with complementary wearable electronics that can receive power and transmit high-fidelity biosignal information. The system can send biosignal information over 10+ miles without reliance on external infrastructure support and can be passively recharged without interaction from the user. Such a device has significant impact in increasing geographic availability of wearable sensing technologies by enabling continuous monitoring in remote locations. Additionally, such a device would be the first of its kind to integrate sensing and communication in a comprehensive platform, as commercially available systems are limited due to device formfactor.  

The number of wearable devices is increasing at a high rate as sensing components are being increasingly used in wearable devices to improve overall functional efficiency, convenience, and precautions. In addition, the use of various biosensors for monitoring fermentation systems, biocatalysts, and detecting biological materials like enzymes, whole cells, and tissues is creating rapid demand for wearable biosensors in the wearable biosensors market. Also, the ability for wearable devices to collect high-fidelity biosignals continuously over weeks and months at a time has become an increasingly sought-after characteristic to provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. Wearable devices for this purpose face a multitude of challenges such as formfactors with long-term user acceptance and power supplies that enable continuous operation without requiring extensive user interaction. The ability to transmit data over long-ranges not only adds safety for the wearers, but also provides new methods for communication when necessary. The combination of long-range transmission, biosensors, wireless, and wearable will allow the user to learn more about themselves, communicate over greater distances, and the GPS capability can be used to monitor others, or keep you safe while on an outdoor adventure.


  • Health monitoring devices
    • Elderly 
    • Activity
  • Extreme sport watches


  • Long-range
  • Health data transmission
  • Diverse applications
  • Fast data transmission
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Philipp Gutruf
Tucker Stuart