Design of Intelligent Aeroponic Microgravity & Earth Nutrient Delivery System (I-AMENDS) for Bioregenerative Space Life Support and Earth Applications

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This technology allows for the growth of plants in zero-gravity or microgravity in small growth chambers or large-scale crop production. The invention solves the problem of directing water and nutrients to the plant roots in an efficient and effective way. The design incorporates liquid and nutrient emitters that allow for the effective flow of the water into the system. The design then uses air emitters to move the water and nutrients in the appropriate direction(s).

Since the first flight to the moon, and perhaps before, mankind has been possessed by the idea of getting into space, using space and space travel for improvements here on Earth, and pushing the boundaries of what we know. With the arrival of the new Mars rover, Perseverance, the idea of long-term space travel is on the minds of many. One of the greatest challenges with traveling for several days, weeks, and months is the generation of food and the ability to recycle oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc. One of the principal ways to do many of those things is through agriculture. But what challenges accompany growing food in zero-gravity or micro-gravity environments?

Many ideas have come and gone for agricultural techniques in space. One of the challenges is getting water to move in a useful direction and optimizing that movement so that plants are able to absorb the water through the roots for a sufficient, useful amount of time. This technology is the answer to those questions. Aeroponics is a proven technology for mass producing food on Earth and is now a feasible solution for mass producing food beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.


  • Small or large-scale
  • Long-term space travel
  • ISS agriculture


  • Ease of use
  • Versatile use (small or large scale)
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Joel Cuello
Kate Stalkfleet
Yaser Mehdipour
Chen-Han Shih
Jack Welchert
Sean Gellenbeck
Torin Hodge