Device for Gas Protected Salt Melting, Molten Salt Dehumidification and Deaeration

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This technology is a chamber placed within a furnace that reaches temperatures high enough to produce molten salts. With the help of a vacuum pump and nitrogen purge/sparge techniques, these dehumidified and deaerated salts can be pumped through an outlet in the chamber to another destination for direct use.


Industries involving "smart" materials, concentrated solar power, and energy storage are seeing increased demand for molten salt technologies that are applicable to their particular market. The dehumidified and deaerated molten salt produced by this device has the potential to be widely employed across the related industries. For example, concentrated solar power has not been considered economically competitive thus far due to its poor thermal energy storage systems. This technology could aid in increasing the competitive nature of concentrated solar power by reconciling the poor storage means.



  • Heat transfer fluid (solar concentrators)
  • Molten salt reactor
  • Molten salt battery
  • Energy storage
  • Metallurgy



  • Produces molten salt free of humidity and impurities via melting and purifying
  • The end product improves efficiency of processes using molten salt
  • Contains an outlet for molten salt to be pumped directly to process (concentrated solar energy tower, molten salt reactor, etc.)
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Jace Langen
Licensing Manager
The University of Arizona
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Peiwen Li
Dominic Gervasio