Enhanced Cell-Phone Camera Images: "App Development"

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A computational method of increasing the sharpness of pictures taken with smart phone cameras. This is a function that can be added to any smart phone by simply downloading a mobile application.


The technology here sharpens cell phone pictures by using a new approach of removing common factors contributing to blurring. To achieve this, the invention enhances images to the pixel limit of the device it is running on. The techniques used allows the user to improve the appearance of the entire image if necessary, or just also a selected area of the image.


  • Users do not need to upgrade their phone to get these image enhancing features since the technology will be available through a downloadable mobile application
  • Photo editing can be made easier if the starting image is clearer
  • Clearer images obtained to the pixel limit capacity on a phone


  • Enhances images taken with smart phone cameras and other mobile devices
  • Video enhancing, such as removing camera shake and compensating for objects moving within a scene
  • Stand alone cameras and other imaging devices
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Jay Martin
Licensing Associate, Software and Copyright
The University of Arizona
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Michael Hart