Learn with Harry: A Serious Games Platform and Solution for Training in Mine Safety

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­This invention uses an integrated set of software to creatively teach mine safety.
Mining inherently involves significant risks to worker health and safety. Traditional courses to mitigate that danger present material in lengthy modules that can fail to fully integrate critical thinking or engagement. The "serious games" approach works to teach vital lessons in a more meaningful and relevant way. This invention improves on previous related work to provide a better user experience and more effective training management. MineSAFE 2.0 updates the story engine, scripting language, and graphics from the earlier MineSAFE 1.0 while allowing easier additions to the mine safety Creative Toolkit. Successors to the original game, "Harry's Hazardous Day" teaches how to recognize hazards and maintain situational awareness and "Harry's Fatalgram Simulator" illustrates best practices and critical controls. These early stage productions demonstrate effective instructional potential while being capable of flexibly adapting to specific training requirements. An Evaluation Dashboard provides numerous support tools to monitor, track, and evaluate user performance. This full package works to encourage a better safety culture through innovative teaching and evaluation methods.

  • Mining safety and health courses
  • Adaptation to other industry uses


  • Proven history of success through previous iteration, MineSAFE 1.0 and "Harry's Hard Choices"
  • Supported by NIOSH and MSHA, and vetted through numerous conferences and publications
  • Demonstrated drive to continually improve performance and plans for future optimization
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Jay Martin
Licensing Associate, Software and Copyright
The University of Arizona
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Leonard Brown
Michael Peltier
Mary Poulton