Method, Software and Hardware for Measuring Feeding Nectar Feeders

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This device and software is able to detect when an animal drinks the feeding solution of an artificial feeder. The time and duration of independent events at multiple feeding posts can be recorded. Paired software can enable real-time compatibility with the system: feeding behavior can be visualized in real time and commands can be sent remotely to feeding posts. Additionally, the data indicates when the feeder is empty.



Several species of mammals and birds, including bats, hummingbirds, and orioles, feed through both, individual flowers and artificial feeders filled with sugar water. In some cases, researchers who study these animals need to know their feeding behaviors. Certain endangered species, including the Mexican long-tongued bat, drink from feeding solution. Technologies that can track and observe the behavior of these species are very valuable for researchers.



  • Tracking the feeding patterns of certain mammal and bird species
  • Gather data on endangered species in certain research study situations
  • Perform behavioral studies on common species such as hummingbirds and orioles



  • Low cost
  • Software is compatible with wireless technologies
  • Paired software can produce a visual display of the feeding behaviors in real time
  • Also able to send commands to feeding post in real time
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Jay Martin
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The University of Arizona
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Patrick Heidorn