MultiLock: Biometric-Based Graded Authentication for Mobile Devices

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MultiLock is a passive, graded, smart phone security system which runs in the background and reviews user interaction during a screen session to continuously verify user security. The system increases security level access as warranted during the session to reduce user unproductive time with security verification. This technology improves smart phone user experience via a new approach to biometric-based graded authentication. The system takes into account that users' desired security varies by application, and that methods of biometric authentication, such as facial recognition, lack robustness. 

Smart phones rely on pass codes, pattern-based authentication, or biometric authentication, which either require user interaction with a locked screen or security methods which are dependent on lighting conditions, finger placement, or other environmental factors. Many smart phone users leave their phones unprotected, due to cumbersome security methods. Biometric security systems, especially facial recognition, may lack robustness. There is a need for systems to provide security which are successfully used.   


  • Smart phone user verification
  • Biometric security systems


  • Security levels tuned to user needs
  • Improved security robustness
  • Improved user experience
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Laura Silva
Sr. Licensing Manager, COS
The University of Arizona
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Christopher Gniady
Shravan Aras
Hari Venugopalan