NANO 2020: Multiplayer Networked Scientific Data Visualization and Scale Traversing in Virtual Reality

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This technology is associated with the NANO 2020 multi-year grant funded research project that aims to improve the Virtual Reality (VR) experience by allowing users to explore both the utility of VR for education and to explore scientific visualizations of very small scale phenomena as if they were landscapes.



Attributes of this technology solution include the creation of a file format and accompanying read/write software capable of transforming nanoscale sensor data (currently electron microscopy data) into a file type consumable for visualization in VR, techniques for moving users through various scales to immersively experience very small scale environments, and the abilities for users to communicate with each other and transfer objects back and forth during the experience.  NANO 2020 Project software and techniques are copyrighted, but provisions of the grant necessitate that the software and techniques are released as Open Source (MIT permissive license).



  • Experiencing scientific data and visualization of that data in emerging medium of VR
  • Very small scale environment immersion within VR medium
  • Communication and Object Transfer among users/players during the VR experience



  • Ability to transform nanoscale sensor data into a file type for visualization in VR
  • Availability of techniques to move users/players through various scales in order to experience very small scale environments as landscapes


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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
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Ash Scheder Black
Devon Oberdan
Hazza AlKaabi
Matthew Romero