Neurodiverse Learners Endorsement & Training Program

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The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center is an international leader in developing and providing personal, educational, and mental health/wellness services to support higher education students who learn differently. The SALT Center’s Neurodiversity Endorsement & Training Program helps university leaders, faculty, staff and administrators learn how to effectively engage students who are neurodiverse and their families. The training is completed in a series of online modules and endorsement is granted upon demonstration of knowledge and skills gained.

By some estimates, as many as 15% of college age students have learning and/or attention differences. These students are among those at highest risk for academic failure. Yet, with the right kind of support, degree seeking college students can build their ability to independently meet and exceed university academic performance standards.

While the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require institutions to make academic adjustments to provide equal access, they do not require postsecondary institutions to diminish academic rigor. Ensuring that students have access to both the accommodations to which they may be legally entitled as well as supplemental programming that can strengthen academic outcomes and prepare them for success after graduation. 

The institutional commitment to ensure that ALL students, especially those with learning and attention differences, have the personal and academic support can have a significant impact on an institution’s overall persistence, retention, and completion outcomes.


  • Higher education
  • Neurodiversity training and education
  • Disability accommodation
  • Learning support for neurodiverse students


  • Addresses educational disparity in higher education
  • Tailored to the needs of every student enrolled in the SALT Center
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