One Revolution - Analog Habit Tracker Using Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Reinforcement

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This is a wearable habit tracker using multiple senses for reinforcement. It is analog/non-smart to avoid having to go into a phone/smart device to track progress and to avoid potential distractions/privacy concerns within smart devices. The product is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, discreet, and durable.

Growing preference for wearable patient monitoring devices that are non-invasive is driving this market. Devices that can gather accurate data and relay it back to health professionals in the comfort of a patient’s home is the preferred method for patients that need frequent monitoring. Physicians, nutritionists, or physical therapists will all be able to keep up with a patient’s habits with this technology and make informed decisions on lifestyle changes.

This technology is designed to be analog and operate without the use of a smartphone. This makes this device easily operable by all types of people compared to other similar devices and especially targeted towards geriatric care.


  • Patient monitoring
  • Habit tracking


  • Ease of use
  • Cost effective
  • Analog
  • Wearable
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Mitch Graffeo
Sr. Licensing Manager - COM-T
The University of Arizona
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Cindy Chin