Polar Wall for Indoor Farming: Low-Cost Cooling for Indoor Farms

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This invention is a novel, low-cost system designed for cooling the ambient air inside an indoor farm, such as a greenhouse, vertical farm, and/or module-type farm. It consists of a freezer box—ideally solar powered—that freezes reusable ice packs arranged in different configurations within the box. The freezer may be attached to a wall of an indoor farm, or it may be free- standing with the capability to move. The polar wall will forgo a cooling process that repeated in cycles to freeze the reusable ice packs. The indoor farm is also equipped with its own set of fans for the purpose of evenly mixing its ambient air to help achieve air cooling more efficiently. Additionally, the adaptable design of the polar wall allows for easy maintenance and replacement of parts. The system is designed keeping scalability in mind, ensuring that it can serve small-scale indoor farms and larger commercial operations, as well as low-income regions and villages, particularly those in arid, semi-arid, and tropical countries.

Climate change poses a significant threat to crop production, primarily due to the more frequent and unseasonal occurrences of hot and extreme-heat weather events. These events can have devastating economic consequences for growers, particularly in low-income countries. Consequently, the development of an affordable and sustainable air-cooling system suitable for indoor farming, such as greenhouses, vertical farms, or module-type farms, would offer substantial assistance and advantages. The increasing unpredictability of weather patterns makes it imperative for agricultural solutions to be adaptive and resilient. Indoor farming, aided by innovations like the polar wall, represents a promising avenue for ensuring food security in the face of climatic challenges.


  • Indoor farm cooling for arid, semi-arid and tropical countries
  • Temperature control in urban agricultural setups 
  • Supplementary cooling system for established indoor farms 
  • Adaptable solution for farms with varying spatial constraints


  • Uses reusable ice packs
  • Can be attached to walls or placed free standing
  • Flexible design configurations
  • Can be solar powered
  • Environmentally friendly with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Offers a sustainable alternative to traditional cooling methods
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Joel Cuello
Justin Eckert
Roxcella Reas
Ryan Lefers