Reconfigurable Entanglement-Enhanced Microwave Photonic Sensors for Navigation, Imaging, and Communications

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This technology uses multipartite entanglement to enhance the sensitivity of microwave photonic sensors. These photonic sensors are comprised of electro-optic modulators that convert the microwave signal into an electric field displacement at a sideband frequency. Measurements that are made by the sensor nodes use this multipartite entanglement to improve performance and accuracy.



This invention describes a way to enhance sensitivity of photonic sensors that use entangled photons for communication. Here, using electro-optic modulators enhances the RF-to-Photon conversion. Quantum sensing using photons is a rather new field and this method is a way to improve accuracy and sensitivity of photonic sensors. Photonic sensors are used for measurement and imaging at a range of distances from nanometers to using it to look at stars. This method will improve resolution and accuracy and allow for broader applications of a newer technology.



  • Quantum sensing and computing
  • Imaging
  • Navigation
  • Communications


  • Better accuracy
  • Enhanced sensitivity
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Zheshen Zhang
Quntao Zhuang
William Clark