Sudevin – Information Propagation Analysis Platform

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The technology, Sudevin, is a data analysis platform that provides interactive visualizations and an extensive set of metrics with the intent to aid in understanding information propagation in a novel manner. Utilizing graphs and trees in programming, Sudevin is able to employ past activity of an entity and suggest multiple routes of examining its performance through the use of network analysis. Sudevin is implemented based on measures and methodologies developed as a result of new propagation research conducted at INSITE.



The social networking sites industry (SNS) has seen an immense increase in the data shared over each network, leading companies to struggle with identifying the source of the data and how it should be employed. However, in recent years, companies like Twitter have made great strides to understand the vast data collected. This technology has the potential to provide these companies, and those in a variety of fields, with a means of analyzing what their users want/need based on trends in their social media activity. 



  • Suggestions of social media connections (ex. LinkedIn) or user content (ex. Twitter)
  • Recommendation of new products (ex. Amazon)
  • Counter-terrorism efforts to predict/catch suspects based on online history
  • Filtering of relevant audio/optical signals so that only significant information



  • Provides a more immediate process to analyze online entries
  • Exhibits versatility in applications
  • Potential to be expanded to other visual/auditory media
  • Employs past activity to suggest multiple routes of examining its performance
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Sudha Ram
Devipsita Bhattacharya