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Hybrid MOD-Enmat Lens
Researchers at the University of Arizona have designed an optical device comprising a multiple-order diffractive Fresnel lens (MOD-DFL) and an achromatizing compensation mechanism that reduces refractive dispersion created by the MOD-DFL, thereby reducing the focal range of the MOD-DFL. A method is also provided of using the optical device in an image...
Published: 7/15/2022   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Milster, Lee Johnson, Daniel Apai
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Lens & System Design
Space Deployable Spectrometer with Large Collection Area
This invention is a highly scalable optical design that will allow the construction of deployable space telescopes with collecting areas that are an order of magnitude greater than the current state-of-the-art and with greatly reduced production and launch costs. The design includes a novel spectrometer capable of surveying transiting earth-sized exoplanets...
Published: 7/15/2022   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Milster, Daniel Apai, Lee Johnson
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Lens & System Design, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Polarimetry, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Sensors and Detection > Remote Sensing
Carbon Capture Using Microalgae Cultivated in Scalable Photobioreactors Paired with a Particle Filtration System
This invention offers a method to offset carbon emissions for industries where carbon-neutral operations are particularly challenging (e.g., airlines, shipping). Due to the intrinsic scalability of this invention, it has a potential to provide the most cost-effective solution to massive (hundreds of ktons to Gtons-level) CO2 extraction, thereby contributing...
Published: 10/17/2022   |   Inventor(s): Daniel Apai, Joel Cuello
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Energy, Cleantech & Environmental, Technology Classifications > Agriculture & Horticulture > Agricultural Engineering