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Virtual Reality Simulation for Airway Management
This invention is a dual haptic-virtual reality task training system for medical students and/or professionals learning tracheal tube intubation. This technology combines the current training method and a mannequin with VR/AR and a haptic feedback and force measuring system. By creating a medical training system with a more life-like simulation, users...
Published: 2/1/2024   |   Inventor(s): Jarrod Mosier, Young-Jun Son, David Biffar, Vignesh Subbian, Saurabh Jain, Bijoy Dripta Barua Chowdhury, Thomas Cahir, Eze Ahanonu
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Healthcare Portfolios > Ear, Nose, & Throat, Technology Classifications > Healthcare Portfolios > Health Education, Medical Training and Operations, Technology Classifications > Healthcare Portfolios > Respiratory & Pulmonary, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Medical Imaging
Ultrasound-guided Percutaneous Nephrostomy Model
This invention is a surgical training model for ultrasound-guided ablation of kidney stones. This model includes the following features for optimal surgical training: kidney structure, kidney stones, ribs, paraspinous muscle, and fluid drip. Background: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is a medical procedure to treat large kidney stone accumulation...
Published: 4/3/2023   |   Inventor(s): Marissa Lovett, David Biffar, Allan Hamilton, David Tzou, Michael Phung, Benjamin Lee
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Healthcare Portfolios > Nephrology/Renal, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices