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Techniques for the Rejection of Daylight to Enhance Daytime Satellite Detection
Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a new technique that helps reject scattered daylight from the sky to enhance visibility of satellites and space debris during daylight hours. This technology can improve satellite detection and sensitivity in high background environments. The daytime tracking can be used to monitor and maintain...
Published: 6/4/2024   |   Inventor(s): Pierre Blanche, Eric Pearce
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics
Trailer-Based Mobile Observatory Enclosure
This invention is a trailer-based mobile observatory that has a roof that is stable under gravity in the both the opened and closed positions to ensure better mobility and robustness for travel while eliminating the risk of the roof opening during travel. This ensures that if there is any mechanical issue while the roof is in the closed position, the...
Published: 3/12/2024   |   Inventor(s): Harrison Krantz, Eric Pearce, Adam Block
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Engineering & Physical Sciences > Devices & Instrumentation, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Sensors and Detection > Remote Sensing, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Sensors and Detection