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High Verdet Constant Polymer Magnetic Nanoparticle Materials for Magneto-Optic Devices
University of Arizona researchers have developed high Verdet constant thin films using polymer-nanoparticle composite material. The invention provides for uniform distribution of nanoparticles in a polymer matrix. The resulting inexpensive material possesses very high Verdet constants, exceeding one million / T-m. This material enables replacement of...
Published: 3/10/2020   |   Inventor(s): Dong-Chul Pyun, Robert Norwood, Kyle Carothers, Lindsey Holmen, Tobias Kochenderfer, Nicholas Lyons
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Engineering & Physical Sciences > Communications & Networking > Optical, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Lens & System Design, Technology Classifications > Imaging & Optics > Telecommunications > Electro-Optic Devices, Technology Classifications > Materials > Chemicals, Technology Classifications > Materials > Nanomaterials, Technology Classifications > Materials > Polymers