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Method to Predict, Evaluate and Map Soil Microbial Function for Broad Geographical Regions using Omics and Machine Learning
This invention is a method for predicting and geographically mapping the functional composition of soil microbial communities across a large geographical area and with diverse environments using machine learning. The resulting information is relevant to evaluating soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling. Background: Microbial-mediated soil organic...
Published: 6/20/2024   |   Inventor(s): Yang Song, Changpeng Fan
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Agriculture & Horticulture > Crop Improvement, Technology Classifications > Energy, Cleantech & Environmental > Renewable Energy > Biofuels, Technology Classifications > Software & Information Technology > Bioinformatics, Technology Classifications > Software & Information Technology > Databases & Data Mining
Parallel Implementation of Irregular Terrain Model on NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units
To improve on the performance of Irregular Terrain Models, researchers at The University of Arizona have investigated the use of multicore processors, such as nVidia's graphics processing units (GPU's) and IBM Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) to achieve improved ITM performance over mainstream microprocessors. Our researchers were able to reduce...
Published: 4/3/2023   |   Inventor(s): Ali Akoglu, Yang Song
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Software & Information Technology, Technology Classifications > Software & Information Technology > Computer-Aided Design & Engineering