3D Filament Printing of Thermoreversible Thermoset Filaments with a Delayed Cure

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Filaments made of a thermoreversible thermoset based on Diels Alder cycloadducts are used in 3D filament printing to create 3D artifacts that will irreversibly cure via reaction of reactive diene or dienophile components. This allows filaments to be made and a thermoset to be formed in the final printing.



  • 3D Printing, prototyping, custom manufacturing, wide variety of industries
  • 3D Printing allows for quick and inexpensive production of custom structures
  • Melt-processable thermoplastics have inferior properties to thermosets
  • 3D Printable thermosets expand the range of useful objects that can be made


  • Thermoset materials are stronger and more robust than thermoplastics
  • More uniform curing possible with thermal cure instead of photo cure
  • New material could be used as a spooled filament feedstock instead of tanks of messy liquid precursor
  • Possibly less prepolymer waste
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Douglas Loy
Krishna Muralidharan
Barrett Potter, Jr.