Adjustable Full Stokes Polarization Eyewear

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This technology is a method for tunable polarization lenses for eyewear. Individuals have the ability to tune the polarization of their lenses based on environmental inputs and their preferences. With this full range of tunability, users are able to maximize their view without having to use just one polarization type for all environments.



Currently, there is a wide range of lenses that are offered to individuals when they are looking to purchase eyewear products. Each of these different types of lenses offers a slightly different view and may offer additional eye benefits to the individual. This can include lenses that are polarized to block different types of light, UV-protection, or trivex which is considered to help correct vision more efficiently.


Individuals who are looking for polarized lenses have the ability to select different types and levels of polarization. A majority of the polarized lenses offer linear polarization which gives individuals improved contrast and a reduced amount of glare. However, this one type of polarization does not meet every situation for individuals because light can reflect in multiple polarization states and a single polarization type is unable to filter all glare or reflection. With this technology an individual has the ability to tailor the polarization to their need. This allows individuals to be faced with multiple types of light reflection and have the ability to filter it. Specialized sunglasses and goggles for outdoor activities also market color optimization (light spectrum properties) outside of light intensity and reflectance control.



  • Incorporated into eyewear to offer tunable polarization


  • Capable of reducing glare and reflectance from any polarized state
  • Ability to tune the polarization to environment and user inputs
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau
Russell Chipman