Algae Raceway Integrated Design

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Algae Raceway Integrated Design (ARID) is a patented University of Arizona technology designed to maximize the production of algal biomass for fuel, feed, food, pharmaceuticals and bio-plastics. The ARID system incorporates numerous design innovations that allows for maximal algae production in low capital expense (CAPEX), low operating expense (OPEX) open pond system, that is in agricultural deployable units.


ARID can be utilized to produce algae biomass for animal feed, then transition into the production of algal biomass for producing Bio-diesel and Bio-jet fuel with Lipid Extracted Algae (LEA) as a valuable co-product as animal feed.  The design has the capacity to integrate multiple ‘green technologies’ (Photovoltaics,  Super Critical Co2, carbon capture, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), biomass gasifiers, etc.)  into a single processing system that will provide a platform which allows for the economic development of algal biofuels. 

Status: Issued U.S. Patent #8,245,440


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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Randy Ryan
Peter Waller
Murat Kacira
Peiwen Li