Amplified Deformable Mirror (ADM)

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This invention is an advancement related to deformable mirrors, which incorporates dielectric layers into the mirror’s design. These layers afford a longer stroke than can be achieved by linear actuators. The longer stroke increases the effectiveness of the deformable mirror at longer wavelengths like far infrared. 



Deformable mirrors enable control of a mirror’s surface to provide wavefront control under conditions such as atmospheric turbulence for astronomy. Deformation of the mirror is typically controlled by linear actuators whose stroke—the total distance the actuator can travel—limits the wavelength of light that can be managed. Current deformable mirrors are ineffective at longer wavelengths like infrared.



  • Astronomy
  • Laser communications
  • Directed energy 


  • Overcomes the stroke limitation of linear actuators
  • Increases the effectiveness of deformable mirrors at longer wavelengths

Status: U.S. issued patent #11,630,299

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Laura Silva
Sr. Licensing Manager, COS
The University of Arizona
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Christopher Walker