Combined Algal Harvester and Mixer

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This invention combines an eloctrocoagulatlon harvesting system and a traditional paddlewheel to harvest algae while mixing a traditional reactor allowing the harvesting to take place in the reactor system. In addition, this process is energy efficient which is the largest obstacle preventing sustainable bio fuels from hitting the market.


Currently water will be mixed using a paddlewheel and then at a later point the water will be pumped out of the system where the algae is extracted from the water. Extraction methods include filtration, centrifugation, or even electrocoagulation in a separate system


  • Significantly reduces the necessity for pumping water and hence make the entire process more efficient and cost effective.
  • All existing open algal cultivation systems could be retrofit with this harvesting system.
  • Adaptable to existing algal cultivation systems
  • Combines turbulent flow environments with electrocoagulation harvesting for potential increased yield


  • Can lead to many advances the in the fields of algae harvesting for fuel and other traditional algae uses
  • Initialization of a new energy efficient algae pond
  • Modifications to current algae pond to increase energy efficiency
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Jace Langen
Licensing Manager
The University of Arizona
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Kimberly Ogden
Dustin Morehead