Consumer Optics with Low Cost Polymers

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This invention describes a range of low-cost polymer compositions and method of making for high index, high Abbie number consumer optics.

The consumer eyewear global market estimated at greater than $100 billion.  Current optical polymer technology revolves around well-established thermoplastic or thermoset polymers, including polycarbonates and others.  State-of-the-art known optical polymers are limited by a trade-off between the desire to have high refractive indices, high Abbe (transparency) numbers, and low material cost.  There remains a technological need for new polymer chemistry to achieve desired optical properties at low cost.


  • Consumer optical plastics
  • Smartphone or technology optical plastics
  • Optical lenses for instruments


  • Inexpensive materials
  • High index
  • High Abbe number
  • Thermally stable
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
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Dong-Chul Pyun
Robert Norwood
Jon Njardarson
Richard Glass
Taeheon Lee
Chisom Olikagu
Kyung-Seok Kang