Cyp2f2 Knock-Out Mouse

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This technology is a Cyp2f2-null mouse model that is valuable for studying the role of CYP2F2 in the metabolism and toxicity of numerous foreign compounds that can cause airway injury and disease.

CYP2F enzymes are abundantly expressed in the respiratory tract and are active towards many foreign compounds coming from environmental chemicals, drugs, or other compounds that enter the body through the airway. CYP2F enzymes have been difficult to study because of a lack of specific chemical inhibitors and knockout animal models.

Original publication: 
Generation and Characterization of a Cyp2f2-Null Mouse and Studies on the Role of CYP2F2 in Naphthalene-Induced Toxicity in the Lung and Nasal Olfactory Mucosa.

This mouse model was generated at the Wadsworth Center by Dr. Xinxin Ding who now resides at the University of Arizona. UArizona has an agreement with Wadsworth for UArizona to handle the commercialization and licensing of this model.

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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
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Xinxin Ding