Emotional Intelligence Training (EIT) Program

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The Emotional Intelligence Training (EIT) Program is a comprehensive, highly interactive, web-based training system designed to build emotional intelligence. This system will also help with emotion-regulating skills, communication, social behaviors and leadership. This a self-paced training system compromised of a variety of interactive activities and simulations designed to develop a range of emotional and social abilities. There are 13 modules that can be completed in around 10-12 hours.



It is important for members of the military to have strong emotional intelligence and resilience skills. This is because they often serve in emotionally stressful situations with limited support. These types of situations can lead to PTSD and other negative consequences. With an EIT program, military members can minimize the effects of these events and increase their ability cope prior to the events. Generally speaking, higher emotional intelligence leads to improved decision making.



  • Refinement of emotional intelligence
  • Managing PTSD
  • Leadership training



  • Web-based
  • Timely
  • Interactive/game-like
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
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William Killgore
Ryan Smith
Richard Lane
Karen Weihs
John Allen