Flight Duration Enhancement for Single Rotorcraft and Multicopters

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This invention is an optimization methodology for key dimensions of rotorcraft shroud, nozzle, cover, and turbine designs as well as specific optimized designs that will result in prolonged flight time, reduced damage to the rotorcraft from ground effects, enhanced safety, and reduced noise. The invention seeks to alleviate the shortcoming of the short operability periods of these increasingly popular drones. The prolonging of flight duration of single rotorcraft and other multicopters can occur, through the invention, with a net-zero overall mass increase of the aircraft.


The term “drone” (referring here to rotorcraft and multicopters) has become increasingly more popular throughout the world for various uses, including aerial video-photography, reconnaissance, surveillance, exploration, and delivery. These uses are helpful in dynamic industries including packaging, explosives, etc. Further, an interesting new expansion is multicopters being used, or at least considered to be used, for the transportation of people (so-called “air-taxis”). Thus, one of the biggest challenges facing this expanded market and technology is the relatively short period in which they are operable. This is especially true when they are compared to other aerial vehicles.



  • All rotorcraft and multicopter manufacturers
  • Other prominent actors within the aircraft industry


  • Has the potential to have a net-zero overall mass increase when added to various aircraft
  • Creates more efficient and stable air operations
  • Hovers in low forward speeds
  • Entering an emerging market with new players and consumers
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Rakhi Gibbons
Director of Licensing & IP
The University of Arizona
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Wolfgang Fink