High Resolution and High Throughput Additive Manufacturing

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Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed an additive manufacturing system that combines several techniques for high-throughput photopolymerization 3D printing.  The system is capable of printing large complex components with high resolution features at a high speed, and at a lower cost that current micro-scale 3D printing systems.



Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing interest in the fabrication of complex high-resolution 3D parts, using additive manufacturing processes. The known techniques, Stereolithography (SLA), PolyJet Modelling (PJM), and MultiJet Modeling (MJM) can create objects with resolution down to 0.1mm.  This resolution is not sufficient to build high-resolution 3D parts.  The higher resolution techniques of diamond turning, and higher precision types of lithography, are slow and expensive or have difficulty printing complex structures. There remains a need for an additive manufacturing system that can print large complex structures with high-resolution features.



  • Rapid additive manufacturing  


  • High resolution and large print range
  • High throughput
  • More cost efficient than current systems  
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Kennedy Nyairo
Sr. Licensing Manager, Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Rongguang Liang